ANMYNA 安米娜 黑白面膜组合装

ANMYNA 安米娜 黑白面膜组合装
ANMYNA 安米娜 黑白面膜组合装
Product Code: ANMYNA 安米娜 黑白面膜组合装
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ANMYNA 安米娜 黑白面膜组合装

ANMYNA 安米娜 黑白面膜组合装 安米娜嫩肤补水蚕丝面膜&安米娜黑炭净颜面膜 安米娜黑炭净颜面膜 天然的保湿因子与水解的蚕丝蛋白精华,再配以高弹力高科技隐形面料,轻薄软透,牢牢的贴合肌肤,复配天然的海藻精华,水解精华,迅速注入肌肤底层,滋养润泽,舒缓干渴疲惫,提升细胞的保湿储水动能,肌肤由内而外饱满充盈,倍感清新滋润,呈现水灵润泽,晶莹剔透之光 ! Black color net mask The product contains the natural moisturizing factor and water-soluble silk protein essence, the highly-elastic high- tech invisible fabrics that are light, soft and transparent and stay adhesively to the skin. Besides, the natural algae essence and water-solublessence rapidly penetrates into the skin bottom to nourish and moisturize the skin while alleviating the thirst and fatigue, upgrading the skin’s moisturizing and water-storing ability. From internal to external, the skin is plump, moisturized, refreshing, glittering and translucent. 安米娜嫩肤补水蚕丝面膜 面膜材质采用弹力隐形高科技术面料,轻薄软透,丝滑透明,与皮肤极佳贴合,将精华营养牢牢锁住,滋润肌肤,补充肌肤水分。持续使用改善粗糙肌肤,使肌肤柔嫩,细腻光滑。 The mask is made of invisible elastic high-tech materials. Soft and thin, silky and transparent mask will stick to your face and essence could lock in the moisture in your skin. With regular use, the appearance of rough skin could be improved, making it tender and smooth.

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