XFat Passion Fruit

XFat Passion Fruit
XFat Passion Fruit
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XFat Passion Fruit

身又能美容的XFat Passion Fruit吧!
X FAT Passion Fruit可以帮到你!

Remarks :20sachets x 15g 
Formulated: USA 

Xfat Passion Fruit Ingredient list:
- L-Carnitine 左旋肉碱
- Garcinia Cambogia 藤黄果
- White Kidney Bean Extract 白芸豆萃取物
- Konjac 蒟蒻 - Isomalt
- Guar Gum *關華豆**膠*
- Citric Acid 檸檬酸
- Passion fruit powder 百香果

: Mix 1 sachet powder with 150ml luke warm water.
                    Take 1times daily before meal (best taking 20mins before breakfast).
服用方法: 每天餐前服用一次,将1小包粉倒入150毫升温水混合。

Precaution : Pregnant woman and children should avoid taking this product.
                          Those who are under physician’s care or medication,
                          is advised to consult with your physician before taking this product.
注意事项: 孕妇和儿童应避免服用此产品。

Strorage: Keep in cold and dry place
存储: 请放在阴凉干燥处。

12个选择Xfat Passion Fruit 的理由:
(12 major reasons why you must choose Xfat Passion Fruit
• 帮助排毒与清洗肠道
(assist in the detoxing & cleansing of intestines)
• 解决便秘问题
(helps relieve constipation)
• 有效消除脂肪
(effective in reducing body fat)
• 帮助身体排除多余的水和液体,减少腹胀
(helps to reduce bloating by helping to eliminate excessive water and toxins)
• 控制食欲
(surpress appetite)
• 有效地降低总胆固醇和低密度脂蛋白(坏胆固醇)
(helps to reduce the trigecylerides (LDL), bad cholesterol level)
• 提高保水性和抗衰老
• 可以抗疲劳,保护免疫力
(relieve fatigue, increase immunity)
• 促进增加新陈代谢和抑制癌细胞的增长
(increase body metabolism)
• 减低男性和女性食道癌的风险
(reduce the risk of developing colon canser)
• 能帮助人体保持恒定的血糖水平和降低腔内pH值
(helps to regulate blood sugar level and balances the body’s pH level)
• 可以减少肠道运输时间和减少淀粉吸收与降低胆固醇和甘油三脂
(slows down the transiting time, reduces the absorption of excessive carbohydrates, lowers cholesterol)


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